Wednesday 9 January 2013

hello 2013 - it's been a while

Every day this week I've been thinking how much I need to update this poor neglected Blog de Lottie and wish it a happy new year, then when it's reached the time of day when I would usually (!?) post a post I've been too busy drawing/photoshopping/removing Margo from the computer.

It's also tricky because I haven't done any screenprinting for a few weeks and thats a good place for photos - the projects I've been working on at home need to stay a little bit secret for a while so there's not much to here a view from my desk - which makes it look really messy...(it never feels that bad - I must be used to the filth)

 One activity of the week was posting 4 of my tote bags to this exhibition:

I thought the post office would be nice and quiet after the christmas craziness - turns out I was very very wrong, the man in the queue in front of me had about 100 small parcels and piles of letters - sigh...

I've been looking at some really nice blogs, with beautiful photography that make me aware of how rubbish mine is (see above blurry phone shot)...does any one have any top tips?

this is one of my current favourites and makes me want to move to Australia, which isn't something I ever thought I'd say - oh the out door swimming and the consistently great coffee

and these are a couple of good local/Bristol blogs - why haven't I been to Clifton Lido yet - do you have to be a member 

and this makes me happy to see - it's good old Sandi from (Margo says meeow to Mac)


  1. Hi Charlotte thanks for the mention! Off to check out some of those other blogs. And I haven't been to the Lido yet either... Something to do with having to shave my incredibly hairy legs! :) xx

  2. Thanks, Charlotte! And hi Margo :) Look at that package. YOUR HANDWRITING IS UNBELIEVABLE. Checking out the blogs your wrote about makes me wish I would take more photos with my actual camera, instead of being lazy and re-posting instagram pics. I am constantly in awe of people who regularly post great original content to their blogs!

  3. Hi Lou - the leg hair would surely aid warmth for january swims!

    Hello Deadweight - I think I just need to live a prettier life and stop wallowing in desk filth, is it too late to add that to new years resolutions?

  4. From one Lottie to another - hello! Thanks so much for the link. I found your blog ages ago and am a huge fan, particularly of your beautiful Baileys work.

  5. happy new year charlotte!
    great blogs! xx

  6. Well, one thing I was not expecting to see when I popped on your blog this afternoon was that you are sending a parcel to my hometown, Mirfield!!! How bizarre. Only wish I was still living there so I could pop down and check the exhibition out... maybe I can send my dad? :b

  7. this book may be of some us!

    Also, what WONDERFULLY EXQUISITE writing that is on the parcel packet!

  8. Hello Lottie - I spotted your blog on after your trip to bath, let mw know when you nest visit!

    Susie - hello, just been looking at your Berlin drawings - when did you live there, what was it like, I'd like to move there and am mildly obsessed.

    Nik - SEND YOUR DAD!! with camera, actually it's a touring exhibition but I don't know the details, will try and find out.

    Lauren - I will be buying that with the 1-click, no questions option! Great photos here I come. Why thank you for the writing comment, I've just done something for Elle with my writing - it will be a blog post one day.

  9. Hi Charlotte,
    I think your writing is terrific - I'd love to know if you create your text with a calligraphy-type pen, or with a paintbrush and ink. Please spill any secrets!!