Monday 31 January 2011

february treats (even though january is hanging on in there)

visited the Rostra on Sunday to take a peek at my work up on the walls in frames, looking slightly more glamorous than my usual "prints on the rack" shots...forgot to take my camera to the studio on saturday so you have been spared more of those - this time.

'Something inside so strong, Mr Kong' made it into the window, just there in the corner, I'll have to do a close up sometime it's the perfect valentines gift, I'd say!

'dawn chorus'

'paaaaaaarpp' and the snowglobes

dancing bears in Lottie corner

'Jane hearts Isambard'

I think the frames look great, I do like a bit of float mounting, a big thanks to the Meltone Gallery framers.

Monday 24 January 2011

the happy couple

talking of valentine's day (which I was earlier, if you were paying attention!) today I started work on a little commemorative something for the happy couple...
(it could form part of a series asking why posh people always have ruddy cheeks).

showtime (nearly)

yep, the clues in the title...nearly showtime. If you're out and about in the city of Bath go and have a look, maybe buy something - it's nearly valentines day.

I'm described as a local artist which makes me feel like I should be doing watercolours.

Tuesday 18 January 2011

alchemy and inky shoes

It's been another print-athon weekend (and then some), finished 4 new prints for the printmaker show at the Rostra and created pots of gold ink for the first time...look!! (I'm a bit hysterical and tired, so this post might be mildly incoherent and contain too many exclamation marks).

I don't think I can quite express how excited I am to have finally worked out how create glittering gold ...I need to lie down just thinking about it...

gold (yes, gold - did I mention that already?) dancing bear...the actual print will be revealed soon...but here's the planning stage...

if you're missing your weekend dose of 'Strictly' how about some Viennese waltzing bears?

more snowglobes...(adopt a posh nature narrator voice) - here we have the after and before stage

ahhh, the stuff you have to deal with at the end of a days printing (it doesn't always land on my shoes, but more often than not I leave a trail of inky footprints at the studio)... I think this captures the glamour of screenprinting!

Sunday 9 January 2011

Busy in January

Being busy as a bee in January seems wrong - surely I should be following Olivia from Found's advice ( and lounging on the sofa with christmas present books while polishing off tins of shortbread...but no, I've spent a long, but fun weekend at sunny Spike Island printing prints for my little show at the Rostra Gallery in February.

Here's some snapshot snippets:

shake those maracas!

the main man is missing, awaiting extra art supplies...ooh the suspense

early birds - with extra bits to finish chez moi. I've done very low-tech printed versions of the birds and Lovey before now, so I was pleasantly surprised with the screen printed effect.

happy new year!

Whoo hoo - I've made it into one of my all time favourite magazines, oh yes...I get not one, but two mention-ettes in the latest Elle Decoration...see if you can spot them!

I'm really pleased they picked the '1001 perforations' tea bag tea towel - it's my favourite, but no one elses up until now.

forget the bags for a moment - I love love love the animal magic russian dolls.