Wednesday 29 July 2009

rainy days

crooked rain zig zag book

jeepers...can it get any more rainy this summer????? Not happy, but at least it made me do a better version of my rainy drawings.

ooh it looks tiny in the world of the's some luxury close ups to show the details.

Monday 20 July 2009

MA Work from a couple(ish) of years ago

my second year project at St Martins was about business men chatting about just how constantly busy they are...and it heralds the beginning of my photocopy obsession, I do like a bit of lo-fi technology.

these two were part of my final show and called 'I don't go to work to make friends'...based on a phone conversation I happened to overhear on the train home one evening. They're pretty big images, each section is A3, which is why it's hard to see much in this teeny tiny format.

'At the end of the day' - annoying phrase but check out the lovely surface quality!

Thursday 16 July 2009

melanie giles make up guide and last year's party invite

make up booklet for Melanie Giles hairdressing on Walcot Street in Bath - possibly the nicest hairdressers in the world - with great coffee too

party invite - it's from last year so don't try to go!

lovely deer

lovely grumpy ginger tom and a deer in a snowglobe...of course!

flamingo a go go

a quick kitchen table screen print on a handmade paper zigzag book

a few of my favourite things (well 2 of them and lots of pens))

houses and office blocks

tin tabernacle - there's an amazing book by Ian Smith with loads of the stripey gems. This label was one of many hanging up in the cafe at Baileys.

one of my first attempts at a photocopy transfer on wood...turned out nice, one day there'll be a huge papery print of houses like this, took lots of photos the other day, I was a little worried someone might shout at me for taking sneaky shots of their house...

buildings printed on handmade tissue (the light ones are printed on the reverse)

i heart boats

some slightly older boat drawings...there will be more, I have some oil tankers lined up, along with some lovely Staten Island ferries complete with the statue of liberty.

there is a bigger version of this with more boats and much more sea, I overheard someone say that the person who spent all that time doing dotted lines for the sea must be crazy...not true!

Monday 13 July 2009

Birthday notebook

notebook I printed for Genna's birthday, lookout for King Kong climbing up the Empire State building...