Monday 28 February 2011

postcards from under my desk

no printing this weekend - just lots of reading (more on what soon - if I remember) and eating...but at some point last week I did tidy the wooden thing on wheels that lives under my desk and found these favourite post cards...

just a little bit sinister

nice writing and faux fur - gotta love Louise

makes me want to draw cacti while listening to Cactus by the Pixies
(definitely my all time favourite song by them)

this one is new - from the Cleo Mussi show at the Victoria art gallery in Bath...
I love it, especially the spaniel, I think she's given him eyeliner - woof

Monday 21 February 2011

hello hello

more cards for the selvedge fair...I have lots of folding ahead of me...also no progress with the suitcase lining as yet.

Monday 14 February 2011

sneaky peek 1

I've started printing cards for the Selvedge Spring Fair on the 2nd April - unusually organised of myself I must say, I even snapped up a bargain of the week little suitcase on saturday for display purposes...poor thing needs a bit of attention but I'll post snapshots when it's ready for it's close up!

twig chopping for embossing - (which can't be seen at all on the pictures below)!

small but noisy gold crests - cheeeeeeeeeeep

chirpy chirp chirp - I'd like to think that's enough syllables for every occassion.

Eagle-eyed fololwers of blog de lottie may recognise my cunning adaptation of a former christmas cards, just remember a blue tit is for life not just for christmas (though Pat always says they're not all that christmassy at all really - bless him)

The card making process was fine until it came to using the squeaky guillotine, even the embossing of 20 sheets of paper (which I put through the press twice for extra embossingness)...apologies to anyone who had to sit through squawks and squeaks while I chopped my paper into 100 cards - you know who you are)...

Monday 7 February 2011

it's all about the titles...

I've been enjoying coming up with titles for my latest prints - I think they make all the difference but start being less fun when you have to write them out 20ish times, still I don't mind too much; getting lines as a punishment at school was always quite a treat)...

as promised/threatened more here's another rack shot (luckily I don't mean in the Gok Wan sense of the word rack, if you know what I mean, my blog would be banned otherwise)!

Gosh, one day all this will be ours

(yes it's another Kate 'n' Wills number, maybe it's because of the extra bank holiday they're giving us)

Something inside so strong, Mr Kong

Jane hearts Isambard

just spotted I'm repeating myself by showing this one, feel free to skim right on past.

No bulls were harmed in the making of this print - olé

this weekend was meant to be spend updating my website and maybe opening an online shop so I can sell stuff - sadly it was too windy for holding the bigger prints outside in my usual stylee...but it will happen soon.