Monday 19 December 2011

glittery mittens

With Christmas approaching fast I thought it was time to get sparkly with my last lot of cards...(apologies to anyone from Spike Print Studio who has recently discovered odd bits of glitter on their work)...very exciting though messy, and needed a lot of fixative/hairspray (as I didn't have any fixative...)

I also printed gold birds on blue books...tweet.

I visited the Nothing But Navy shop in Stroud on saturday, meant to take my camera but forgot...its full of the loveliest navy goods known to man, until christmas eve, so if you're even slightly in the area make a detour onto 1 Middle Street...if not then some of the navy niceness is available here

note to Santa: I love those wooden rings...

Sunday 11 December 2011

etsy shop now open

This weekend was the christmas at The Makery - lots of people asked if they could buy my things online...and now they can...I've finally opened the doors to my etsy shop - hurrah...there's a few bags and calendars on there at the moment and I'll be filling the shelves a bit more next week now that I've tracked down the battery charger to my camera!

Friday 2 December 2011

pop ups a popping

I did a shift in the Smithson Gallery pop up shop in Cabots Circus yesterday - it looks amazing, I took my camera along to take some pics, but it turns out the battery had run I resorted to my phone, they're not the best images ever.....probably best to visit the shop (It's on the top floor of Cabots Circus next to the Sony Centre and a giant Starbucks)

If Bristol is not an option then my snowglobe prints are all in this pop up shop in Stroud...I love the concept of everything being navy (except for my prints, though they are navy in places)...

next weekend it's the Makery Christmas Market so next week will be another printathon one!

Saturday 19 November 2011

teatime treats

it's been a tricky week as all my stuff has been packed up for flat decoration - days of not finding anything has driven me to many a chocolate digestive... so printed this today - yum!

(have I ever mentioned just how much I love Fabriano paper - I think it everytime I use it - ahhhhh fab fabriano)

Tuesday 15 November 2011

so many things to mention so little time!

there's so much going on at the moment that it's hard to know what order to say them in so.....after a good weekend at the Widcombe craft fair...(here's a blurry photo of the table I shared with Gill)

the next things on the calendar are this:

the first 30 people through the door get a swag bag, and this is a clue to my contribution...

and throughout the christmas shopping month (nov 24th to dec 24th) my things will also be in a pop up shop in Cabots Circus, Bristol...there is also a swag bag or two up for grabs here as well (I've ordered more badges)!

click on this - It's an odd looking link, I tried to get the image on here but it kept getting chopped in half, it's all the info about the shop

Sunday 6 November 2011

bears, birds and leaping corgis

I've had a couple of busy busy printing weekends getting ready for the Widcombe Christmas fair (if you live in or around Bath then come along next friday evening (6-9pm) and saturday all day

...I've been having many a sleepless night thinking about things to make for it - on wednesday I woke up thinking "of course - biscuit of the month calendar" so thats what I did yesterday, the year starts off with the detox biscuit of the biscuit world - the plain (but delicious) digestive....then ends in a glorious tunnocks teacake - I"ll take some better pictures very soon.

there's also an olympic/jubilee calendar...and a couple of cards...

I printed gold bear and sausage dog bags last week too - but for some reason I forgot to take any pics...for anyone not living in Bath I'm also taking part in Got Craft in Tooting on the 27th nov - more about that nearer the time.

Sunday 30 October 2011

fee fee la fou HQ

a few of my tea towels will be at this - looks like fun, wish I could be there with them!

Wednesday 26 October 2011

Hampstead affordable art fair is beautiful...sha la la la la

This week, starting tomorrow my work will be at the Hampstead Heath Affordable Art Fair with Demelzas Gallery stand D1

I've done a new print for it, which I hinted at a few posts advice is watch this first, but not for long as it's a bit too sickly sweet (you've been warned)

it should be stuck in your head for weeks now - but it is beautiful, here's the print:

loving you is easy beacuse you're beautiful

Thursday 20 October 2011

Battersea Affordable Art Fair

I didn't quite get round to tantilising snippets of my Super Hero print which I did especially for the Battersea Affordable Art Fair - NOW here it is, and if you're in London this weekend and don't know what to do you could just go and see the real thing along with lots of other reasonably priced art

I know i mentioned it before but all my prints will be on the Smithson Gallery stand

Sunday 16 October 2011


it's been another hardcore weekend of printing...saturday had painful end as I banged my head really really hard on this...ouch

it didn't manage to knock out any of the songs I've had buzzing round my head for the last few days though - highlights include 'Quiche Lorraine' by the B52s (a good one to print dogs to) so I did

and another beautiful little number, which I'll mention later, as it's going to be the title of my new print...heres' a tiny clue...

I also printed loads of 'dawn chorus' tea towels....I'll show them properly later next week, along with the new cat 'n' dog print.

I finished this edition of prints too...phew and relaaaaaax!

Friday 14 October 2011

fabrik-einfach klasse!

A while ago I designed some patterns to go on some german blinds for JAB Anstoetz...they sent me some images the other day...I think they look pretty good (if I do say so myself) and wish I could get them for my house (would that be so wrong?)

A while ago I designed some patterns to go on some german blinds for JAB Anstoetz...they sent me some images the other day...I think they look pretty good (if I do say so myself) and wish I could get them for my house (would that be so wrong?)

(Einfach Klasse was the title of my german books at school - simply great!)

Sunday 9 October 2011


Oops been a bit slack on the old blog front recently - never mind, here's some more shots of a long day spent printing...I've been meaning to turn the little card I did a while back into a print which kind of goes with the Lovely one (see previous post).

I thought it would be a pretty simple print but by the time I'd finished gold leafing and worrying about colours, it took AGES!

Friday 23 September 2011

devonshire buildings cat

This is an emergency post especially for the lady who got in touch with me last week about her cat and my 'Lovely' print - I've deleted your email address by mistake so can't reply...sorry, if you see this email me again.

It must have been your cat...meeeeeeeow!

Wednesday 21 September 2011

bears, bulls and a snippet of superheros

It's been hectic in Lottie world since Top Drawer. I went to London again at the weekend and saw an interesting show at the V&A called The Power of Making, which included a giant ape made of wire coat hangers and a walk-in wooden robot. Nice! Also went to the National Portrait Gallery and drank lots of good coffee in various east london venues.

then I had a couple of 11 hour printathons, which involved getting ink all over my flip flop, not surprising considering this...

I had to finish off editions off editions of 'A little grrrizzly' and the 'No bulls were harmed in the making of this print olé!' print...

I also did a new 10 colour print especially for the Battersea Affordable Art Fair, I'm going to show snippets every now and then until the show...

I'm thinking of giving away a couple of free tickets too if any one is interested...are you?

Sunday 11 September 2011

top drawer

I should probably have mentioned this sooner as the show is on right now, but my tea towels, bags and mugs (which arrived just in time) are on display on the New House Textile stand (A26) at Top Drawer at Olympia.

I've just spent two hectic days helping to set up the stand, mostly involving sticking super strength velcro to pegs and writing on the walls. The samples of my 3 new tea towels are nice...if I do say so myself!

Sunday 4 September 2011

The September Issue

Fame at last!! I'm in this months Bath/ Bristol Magazine. The issue coincides nicely with a re-hang at the Rostra Gallery in Bath, I'm in the back bit next to JAne Ormes, they've also put all my prints on their website:
I'm working on a new print for the Battersea Affordable Art Fair, which involves Wonder Woman and Lassie...among other more dubious company - I'll be on the Smithson Gallery stand'll no doubt mention it again nearer the time (october)...

Tuesday 30 August 2011

more boats

I printed yet another boat print at the weekend, despite the fact no one ever buys them.....I think I have finally come up with a plan for combining the fun I have scribbling the water with something else, so I'm going to try and make this the last boat (it's going to be tough, I'll need some kind of rehab or something). I've been listening to Smog/ Bill Callahan all day today - enough to cheer anyone up!

OOh my Tugs to the rescue print did make it into here though!

Monday 22 August 2011

big birds and nice wheels

I printed a new print on saturday - feels like it's been ages since I did something new on paper...(though I printed 2 new bags recently too) and here they are...

big bird bag (they're printed on the thicker canvas - this one is my practice bag)

cmyk (though not exactly) nice wheels bag

The new bike print was looking a bit wallpaper-ish until I printed the fluro honk! Hurrah for the honk...

I'm building up quite impressive colour combinations on my apron, sorry about the blurrienss, if only I always had a proper photographer on hand.