Thursday 24 January 2013

Hidden Charms

the beginning of January was jam packed with commissions and tight deadlines, now they're all out of the way I feel a bit weird but I'm trying to get on with my own work. So I've started drawings for a print of Lucky Charms - which I think is essential for 2013...TWENTY THIRTEEN - sooooo if anyone can recommend their favourite lucky charms I'd be extremely far I've got black cats (I always think they're lucky because cats are great but some people think they're unlucky, hmmmmm, tough - how could these two crossing your path not be lucky?) 

then there is a lucky penny, horse shoes (one lucky horse wearing 4) and there are three keys. I'm also thinking scarab beetle, ladybird, diamond, and err err I've run out  - help.

Saturday 19 January 2013

springy things for snowy days

It was the Home show at Earl's Court at the beginning of this week and New House Textiles launched three new tea towels by me. They're old seed packets and some very chatty birds

There's a new mug too - with fish on it 

 I really enjoy doing the stickers and the backstamps for the mugs - which makes me think I should have taken a photo of a backstamp - oh well I will soon!

Sunday 13 January 2013

brown paper packages taped up with tape

A while back the handle fell off my new favourite mug (by Jansen+co - I'm sure it was just my over vigorous washing up that caused the accident) and I've just got round to replacing it...this very lovely looking parcel was waiting for me when I got home  - I'd like to get some tape printed...hmmm - where/how??

I got the Falcon enamel beakers thinking they'd be cat proof - her new favourite thing is to swipe any mug/glass/bowl/anything breakable off tables and counters. This morning (THE DAY AFTER THEY ARRIVED) I found a chipped beaker, it's now destined to be a pencil pot ...cheered myself up with a bright morning coffee

Wednesday 9 January 2013

hello 2013 - it's been a while

Every day this week I've been thinking how much I need to update this poor neglected Blog de Lottie and wish it a happy new year, then when it's reached the time of day when I would usually (!?) post a post I've been too busy drawing/photoshopping/removing Margo from the computer.

It's also tricky because I haven't done any screenprinting for a few weeks and thats a good place for photos - the projects I've been working on at home need to stay a little bit secret for a while so there's not much to here a view from my desk - which makes it look really messy...(it never feels that bad - I must be used to the filth)

 One activity of the week was posting 4 of my tote bags to this exhibition:

I thought the post office would be nice and quiet after the christmas craziness - turns out I was very very wrong, the man in the queue in front of me had about 100 small parcels and piles of letters - sigh...

I've been looking at some really nice blogs, with beautiful photography that make me aware of how rubbish mine is (see above blurry phone shot)...does any one have any top tips?

this is one of my current favourites and makes me want to move to Australia, which isn't something I ever thought I'd say - oh the out door swimming and the consistently great coffee

and these are a couple of good local/Bristol blogs - why haven't I been to Clifton Lido yet - do you have to be a member 

and this makes me happy to see - it's good old Sandi from (Margo says meeow to Mac)