Wednesday 29 May 2013

drink sensibly!

I was recently commissioned to illustrate this article about ones favourite tipple revealing your true self!! I had to face my slight fears of drawing people...and it turned out to be really good fun to do.

 the champagne drinker's dog is my favourite bit


Wednesday 22 May 2013

Bear Flat Open Studios/house/small flat

It's the Bear Flat open weekend next weekend 25th-27th may...there will be prints, cat tape,bags, cards and other things up for grabs. 

I've also made a few new small prints, including these flamingos...which will be available for the first time, so please come along, if there's time I might even make cakes...

 In other news my 'Do you feel lucky' print has been short listed for the Association of Illustrators awards in the self initiated category.

Saturday 18 May 2013

judge a book by its cover

One of the reasons I wanted to be an illustrator was that I thought I'd get to read lots of books before illustrating the covers...well that dream finally came true last year when I got to read a proof of 'The Shock of the Fall' by Nathan Filer...It's finally come out and I hope it does well as it's a good read! (I read it in about 2 sittings). 

I did a few illustrations for the inside as well as the lettering for the's a little film about how it was designed ... 

 Margo enjoyed reading it too...