Tuesday 22 March 2011


Thanks for helping me out with the cat dilemma - turned out that Cat A's evil cousin won through in the end.....and (trumpet fanfare) Lisanne is the oh so lucky winner and will soon be the proud owner of her very own 'the cat is out of the bag' bag. Yeeeehah!

(hey Lisanne - email me your address please)

the cat is bluey-black and the speech bubble is in very on-trend reddish-coral (though it alters a bit every few bags as I kept running out of ink). oops.

Friday 18 March 2011

Help....and quick!

just drawn lots of cats for tomorrows print saturday....these are my final two (one of which was rescued from the bin pile at the last minute)...anyway the question now is:


let me know by the end of the weekend and who knows what could happen!...well actually I'll tell you: I'm going to do my first ever giveaway - using a lucky dip type thing of everyone who leaves a comment. Whoooo!

cat a
cat b

Monday 14 March 2011

sneaky peak 2

After a busy week, which included a whirlwind trip to Sweden, I had a very fun saturday printing on bags for the Selvedge fair (and the legendary online shop - sigh...one day)

They're not your average cotton shopper, oh no - they're sturdy little numbers made of canvas and they feature a gusset (!) and they have nice long handles.

shake those maracas!


the tea towel was a sample printed during the product printing course I've been doing at Spike Print Studio...but I may print some to sell too. (mmmm sunny day too)

Monday 7 March 2011

a right royal tea towel

Kate 'n' Wills celebration tea towels are now available from http://www.newhousetextiles.co.uk well actually probably not just yet, maybe from the end of this week - one will simply have to hold one's horses - I just couldn't wait to show the photo!

mmmm chocolate

I posted about my Curious Chocolate shop ages ago - it's finally up on their website - and very tasty it looks too - have a look http://www.curiouschocolate.co.uk/index.php (don't skip the intro)!

they didn't use these drawings but I thought I'd give them an airing - especially as this statue looks like Billy Childish - hurrah

Saturday 5 March 2011


I'm pretty busy at the moment doing proper work for other people (though I did manage to squeeze in a fabric printing class - look out for bags soon)...anyway here's some work I did about bikini waxing - it was a bit tricky thinking what to draw...bits of hair, people screaming in pain...??? Nope...greek goddesses - oh yeah!