Wednesday 29 June 2011


my desk has been full of sweets and I've been annoying ladies in sweet shops by asking for one of everything for the past few's all in the name of tea towels, not finished but nearly, then the eating can begin (hurrah)...hello dentist!

Saturday 18 June 2011

Stealthy Emily

A few weeks ago I had some work up in shop in Lewes called Wickle, my unwanted (sob!) Kate 'n' Wills print came back wrapped up in paper illustrated by EmilyWarren who's work I love! Have a look at this...much better than the print inside!

Monday 13 June 2011

4 prints in 2 days

just before the rainy market I did an epic 2 day printathon and managed what I'd like to think is pretty darned impressive 4 different prints (one was me finishing the kong edition, so I haven't shown it again).

I'm liking the colour combinations on this test sheet!

mr grizzzly is sooooo gold. (please excuse the bad scanning)!

Saturday 11 June 2011

rainy weekend pt.2

it was an even rainier weekend for Bath art fringe art market, it was very nearly cancelled. There was much sitting in the nearby cafe and drinking the biggest coffee they had on offer (so here's my first ever coffee cup shot, it had an impressive swirl on top so ignore the slight spillage).

Anyway it went ahead in the drizzle but wasn't the greatest, rumour is they may try again in august...when it will be sunny and won't rain! We had a really nice display though, thanks to Gill's collection of old wooden drawers and tin trunk...and her dad's frame making skills, learned through years of record fairs.

that was before we moved further under the shelter of the trees and covered everything with a plastic sheet!

from this to....

...a little grrrizzly (in the case at the back)

Thursday 2 June 2011

rainy weekend

it was a bit rainy over the bank holiday and the Bear flat open studio weekend...but it was fun, met lots of people prepared to brave the weather in the name of art - hurrah. There would be more photos but I've mislaid my camera - oops.

this sunday there's an art market in Bath's Kingsmead Square (near Boston Tea Party - so it will be coffee all the way). I'm sharing a table with my friend Gill and spending the next few days printing a few new things...busy busy.