Wednesday 5 December 2012

christmas freebie

If you fancy some rather fine handmade goods to give or receive this christmas then look no further than my etsy shop - I've cancelled all shipping costs for addresses in the uk - just enter the code: christmasfreebie1

these are my cards, featuring polar bears, robin and reindeer stamps

To celebrate I've added a couple of mini prints, which are at bargain prices!

Mr Kong Says Hi

Nice wheels


  1. Hi Charlotte, my name is Lou. I met you at the Colston hall on Saturday. I loved your snow globe tea towels and we had the same watch! (yep weird stalker!) Anyhow.. can't stop thinking of your snow globes... off to check out your shop. Lou x

  2. Hello Lou

    in a much more stalker ish way I'm very much considering the green version of the watch as my blue one is a bit past it - and I normally don't like green!!

    Charlotte x