Monday 11 June 2012

welcome to my world

here's a few pictures from the last few weeks (some of them are blurry - it's me not your eyes)....
this is a snippet of the Bear Flat open weekend which due to ridiculously sunny weather (seems unbeliveable now) I set up camp in the courtyard...thanks to everyone who braved the sun trap in the name of art!!

the weekend after was the 'Oh So Jubilee' craft fair at the Chapter Arts center in Cardiff - great place but not a busy fair. I got up at 6.30am to make washi tape bunting....oh well...
 the chaos that is my desk....I tidied it over the Jubilee weekend and also the shelf above my desk got a spruce up too...including jubilee bunting, there's been so much bunting around and about recently, it's so bright and cheery and should be encouraged all the time.

 ahh you can't beat googly eyes....or listening to proper records on the Vestaxe portable