Sunday 25 November 2012

what's going on...1

I'm guilty of yet more blog neglect, so here's a quick catch up, hopefully the first of some long hours printing I have a few new things - cards, calendars and bags which I'm going to put in my etsy shop in next few days...I've just taken part in a fair in Widcombe (thanks to everyone who braved the rain) and next week will be at the Bear Fair - at the Bear pub in Bear Flat - it should be the perfect shopping trip - beer and handmade gifts - a winning combination!

 I've also got lots of my things in the latest Smithson Gallery pop up shop in Cabot's Circus, Bristol. I went along today and it looks really amazing, I love the chairs and cases on the wall - nice work Anna!

I also joined twitter - @lottiefarmer7 (though I don't really know how it works yet)