Monday 19 December 2011

glittery mittens

With Christmas approaching fast I thought it was time to get sparkly with my last lot of cards...(apologies to anyone from Spike Print Studio who has recently discovered odd bits of glitter on their work)...very exciting though messy, and needed a lot of fixative/hairspray (as I didn't have any fixative...)

I also printed gold birds on blue books...tweet.

I visited the Nothing But Navy shop in Stroud on saturday, meant to take my camera but forgot...its full of the loveliest navy goods known to man, until christmas eve, so if you're even slightly in the area make a detour onto 1 Middle Street...if not then some of the navy niceness is available here

note to Santa: I love those wooden rings...

Sunday 11 December 2011

etsy shop now open

This weekend was the christmas at The Makery - lots of people asked if they could buy my things online...and now they can...I've finally opened the doors to my etsy shop - hurrah...there's a few bags and calendars on there at the moment and I'll be filling the shelves a bit more next week now that I've tracked down the battery charger to my camera!

Friday 2 December 2011

pop ups a popping

I did a shift in the Smithson Gallery pop up shop in Cabots Circus yesterday - it looks amazing, I took my camera along to take some pics, but it turns out the battery had run I resorted to my phone, they're not the best images ever.....probably best to visit the shop (It's on the top floor of Cabots Circus next to the Sony Centre and a giant Starbucks)

If Bristol is not an option then my snowglobe prints are all in this pop up shop in Stroud...I love the concept of everything being navy (except for my prints, though they are navy in places)...

next weekend it's the Makery Christmas Market so next week will be another printathon one!