Wednesday 29 September 2010

little book and box-in-progress

ones blog posts feel a bit scrappy at the moment, I'm at the beginning of projects so have nothing finished to show, but there are exciting things to come...I'm definitely going to pursue the mulitlingual miaowing cats, maybe I'll try some dry point etching...hmmm...but not just yet.

anyway until I spend the weekend printing here's a little book I just got from Howies featuring 2 drawings I did a couple of years ago that they've finally used (but not the ones I did over the summer - who knows where they'll turn up)...

...and here's a box-in-progress which I'm planning to print for New House will be limited edition and available when someone orders a few tea towels at christmas (it's a-coming)! More details on how to get one soon.

(once again apologies for the messy desk - one day I'll live somewhere with lovely floorboards and my photos will be more glamorous).

Monday 20 September 2010

miau maiou meu - ideas

meeeeeeow - I'm inspired by the new Ikea advert, with all the cats, I wonder if they really did let them lose in a store at night or if it's camera trickery...I hope it's not...

I've got lots of cat drawings that have been waiting for a home, so what you see here is the start of an idea. The Thai version of meow meow has to be said in a high pitched manner apparently

and here is a sneaky peak at another project I'm working on...more details in a month or so...shhhhhh it's a bit hush hush-ish

Wednesday 15 September 2010


I've been en vacances in france, while we were there I saw this shed planted on top of an old mill, which gives me ideas for some photocopying mentioned in my notebook! I transferred more drawings onto a nice stripey mug before the trip too. ooh. yeah!

before viewing the following...please excuse the state of my desk!!

Wednesday 1 September 2010

business time

these are some sample business cards I got made using MOO, I like the way you can get loads of different images printed on lovely matt card, mmmmmmm.