Sunday 13 January 2013

brown paper packages taped up with tape

A while back the handle fell off my new favourite mug (by Jansen+co - I'm sure it was just my over vigorous washing up that caused the accident) and I've just got round to replacing it...this very lovely looking parcel was waiting for me when I got home  - I'd like to get some tape printed...hmmm - where/how??

I got the Falcon enamel beakers thinking they'd be cat proof - her new favourite thing is to swipe any mug/glass/bowl/anything breakable off tables and counters. This morning (THE DAY AFTER THEY ARRIVED) I found a chipped beaker, it's now destined to be a pencil pot ...cheered myself up with a bright morning coffee


  1. AH! That tray is beautiful! Love it! X

  2. thanks - I would have recreated it for this mornings coffee but margo has just broken my new mug, lucky for her that she's so cute. *trying not to be cross!*

  3. nice coolection of tapes ;) and nice ways of taping tape