Sunday 24 July 2011

Bob, John, cats and Yoko

Ahhh, finally a weekend at Spike Print studio - embossing (it's like a gym workout but more satisfying!) printing pop icons and cats while listening to Radio 4...whoever it was on Desert Island Discs chose a Bob song - just as I was gold leafing bits of his guitar!

I've amazingly sold all the cat bags from the first run, so did some more on saturday, he was a tricky beast to print - messy fur! Meeeeeeeeeeeow.

I like to think I made the most of the first sunny saturday in ages - by holding up my embossing at the window!

It's the second edition for John and Yoko, so John is now sporting a jaunty stripey number.

Sunday 17 July 2011

long time no post

Admittedly I have been neglecting my blog recently - poor thing...Here's a little (very little) glimpse into what's been going on chez Lottie inbetween drawing more sweets, teapots and other very hard work!

listening to an old favourite cd and a new one

actually got this lovely little moustache at the rainy fair I did a few weeks ago - I've been meaning to mention it for a while

I bought this on the same day to cheer myself up in the rain!

and finally a sneaky peak into a new project I'm working on...