Thursday 4 March 2010

busy busy catch up...t-shirts et tea towels

the Log Cabin project is taking off, the first lot of t-shirts have been printed...and I'm working on some nice mothy labels. They'll be available to buy on-line soon. Yipeee! I've also been working on some tea towel ideas for New House Textiles, which has involved lots of research into biscuits, cakes and fancy teabags (tough job but someone has to)...I've really enjoyed drawing some of the souvenir spoons with people on them - they make me laugh when I'm drawing, lucky there's no one around!

classic biscuits

tea bags....I really like this one, any excuse for a bit of crazy detail - but I'm not sure if it will go ahead.


happy valentines day (very belated!)

mmmmmmm cake, sweets and sparklers - it tasted pretty good too!