Sunday 13 May 2012

some bears like to dance

what better way to spend the weekend than printing a few grumpy looking bears dancing their socks off? It was a good way to slightly get over my feelings of "ooh, I'm not sure what to do next"...these bears have been on my mind for a while, so I've made a bit of space for more demanding drawings and I had a bit of fun playing with layering transparent colours - and it got me thinking about using black paper and layers of transparent pale ink....hmmmmmmm. 
Anyway, voila  - bears on the sunny rack:

 I was trying to get a photo of the light overlapping layer - in the have to squint a bit to see it!

These bears will be featuring in the Bear Flat open studios, the last weekend in may and also at the Smithson Gallery stand at the Bristol Affordable Art Fair next weekend.


  1. Hi Charlotte, I really love your work, its so cool and funny. Could you let me into your secret of how to print the metallic gold and get it looking to shimmery? what brand do you use? It just never works for me!!

  2. hello - I'll email you the recipe!!
    Charlotte x