Saturday 5 May 2012

I ♥ Berlin

Just back from a quick trip to berlin - where despite the gloomy looking skies over the TV tower, we enjoyed a few days of heatwave. There's something about Berlin I really like, it's not the prettiest city but its an easy place to be and everyone seems really friendly - though it turns out my attempts at german just made me come across as very un-chatty and a bit grumpy - oh dear  - es tut mir leid.

 "say cheese" Mr Hippo
we pretty much walked around the whole city (not easy when it's the first flip flop wearing moment of the year) so this was our uber-healthy start to the day!


  1. That looks yummy! Berlin is an odd place isn't it, but such a nice place too. Last time we went there was a heat wave. What is it about that place! Glad to hear you had a fun time xxx

    ps. Hope you don't mind but I included a bit about you in my most recent blog post. All about my birthday wish list! x

  2. Hi Nell

    Thanks for making me feel better about the sugary breakfast!! Thanks also for including me in your wish list - there's always loads of things I feel I can't do without throughout the year then when it gets to birthday time I can't come up with a thing......I've done some new dancing bears, a bit smaller, so a bit cheaper.

    charlotte x