Wednesday 17 August 2011

Photos by Miss Third

A few weeks back Stephanie Elizabeth Third took some photos of me printing at Spike Island for the september issue of The Bath Magazine a.k.a. known as The Bristol Magazine. Now I'm not keen on having my photo taken but she did a good job of keeping me entertained while snapping away, while I did a good job of spilling lots more stuff than usual and generally making a mess...there are more pics on her blog (not all of me - phew)

I like this it makes me want to print things upside down on purpose

I'll put some pictures of the Big Bird bag and the Nice Wheels bag next time


  1. Nice! Looks like an awesome studio to work out of! And how daring of you to wear such a cute white top while printing, ha (aprons are awesome).

  2. its true - it is a great studio....but more importantly lets talk about the white top...I have to confess that I did swap my sweaty black t-shirt for the spotty number and then spilt ink on it straight away, despite my trusty apron. Oh well it was very cheap and the ink has washed out a's turned into my new favourite.