Sunday 22 May 2011

deadweight is great - oh yeah!

I've spent a lot of money recently on eye bag concealer but I'm thrilled to be the proud owner of this snowbirds/eyebag print from the talented screenprinting hands of Sandi from Deadweight (if I ever get round to making a blogs I follow list it will be at the top - screenprinting, music and odd pictures of food just can't be beaten...)

We did a postal swap recently after a spot of blog comment banter...the internet can be a wonderful thing!

Nice use of old typewriter too...

I just spotted this cd cover over on her blog - which I love, if the music is as good as the cover I want to hear it.


  1. Hey! Thanks the nice post. So glad you enjoyed the package! I can't leave the house without eyebag concealer. I don't understand those lucky folks who look naturally refreshed (and by understand I mean I am jealous of).

  2. do these people really exist? or have they just spent more money on the best eye bag cover up in the world ever - me and my bags would like to think that's the case! x