Monday 29 November 2010

christmas at found

the 'rock'n'roll christmas' project was finally revealed at Found last thursday - Nik and Olivia have made a great looking display which involved painting three layers of white paint on cassettes. It was a fun evening of very posh Bertinet mince pies and mulled cider (I wasn't sure about this as I'm such a fan of the mulling of the wine but it turned out to be delicious...and pretty potent). The highlight for me was a lady of fashion loving my new coat! Pictures of that, bags and prints in the next few days. Buy them here... please!

voila - plates!

peggy lee plates


  1. lovely! will go have have a peek when i'm in town tommorrow!x

  2. hello Lucy

    have you been to Found yet...hang on to your purse if you do, so so tempting

    lottie x

  3. yes yes I found it on the bridge, it's very tempting and lovely isn't it! really love all your new prints! Lucy x