Monday, 1 February 2010

butterflies, dinosaurs, tapes and typewriters

my niece and nephew both have january birthdays, so i've been busy making cards...
Darcy's card - happy butterfly

Luca's card...I've also been making valentine cards to sell...I've gone for the not too sweet options!


  1. Hi
    I just wondering where your valentine cards are on sale - they look fab!

  2. Hi Merry

    glad you like my cards - they're on sale at Melanie Giles hairdressing in bath, which is probably not that useful for you - I could send you one, and you could send the £! They're £3 so call it £3.50 for posting and you've got yourself a deal.

    Just looked at your blog, and I agree about those barns!...I work at Baileys once a week, drawing and writing.

    thanks again

  3. Hi there!

    Ah ha.....I thought I recognised your writing! I sometimes go to Baileys (well that's a lie - I go a LOT) just to snoop at your drawings and writing, you are v. clever. I have a weird thing for writing. Bizarrely I once found a long lost friend by spotting her writing on a teeny gift tag in a Country Living shoot - I am sure the magazine thought I was mad for calling them, but sure enough it was her.

    anyhow....... a big yes please to a card or two - I will have one of each of your Valentines if poss. If you have any other style of card for sale just let me know as I love sending cards. I can send you a cheque or whatever you prefer - let me know your address

    thanks for getting in touch

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