Monday 26 March 2012

tattoo time

I got some of my new drawings turned into temporary tattoos - very exciting, in fact I was so over excited that I didn't read the instructions properly and forgot to remove the transparent film...I might sell little packs of these in my shop if anyones interested. What could be more rock n roll than a poodle tattoo?!

The toucan tattoo lasted 3 days - would've been longer but I printed on saturday and all the washing finished him off...

thanks to Harriet Gray for the tattoo tips


  1. Love them! What more could one want than a cat tattoo! Sorry we didn't catch up last week, are you free this week? X x x

  2. I NEED them... I will look rock hard when I sport a few of those bad boys down the pub!! Can I get some? PLEASE?

    1. of course you can miss scully - send me an email with your address (i'll make sure you get a bag with a poodle in ) x