Sunday 4 March 2012

meow miao miauen (kittons for sail)

A while ago I mentioned that I had it in mind to do an international meow print...and after researching stamps for the 'Philatley will get you everywhere' print I found so many cat related ones that suddenly I knew how to do it (it was a beautiful moment - oh yes)...

so here it kind of is - these are the tester prints:

scrap cats

I was trying to do something a bit different with my colours, and I'm really pleased with this particular combination (not so sure about the latest print that I did yesterday - I need help from the blog world and will be posting about it very soon in a hope that someone out there will say something that makes me feel better about it...look out, you could be the one who saves me) anyway here's a couple of highlights form the cat stamps...

blurry brazil cat (the brazilian shorthair, I believe), next to the big fluffy Birman...

 and possibly my favourite - the grumpy looking Persian kittens (or kittons as I once saw on the best handmade sign I've ever seen that said: kittons for sail)

and here's a sneaky peek of things to come...possibly dodgy bird stamps under wraps...


  1. Love this so so so so much, love the White cats on yellow, and the pink silver and White is very pleasing too! Can we meet for coffee soon? I have your birthday present, she re-made it, chunky and navy! X x x

    1. ooh I'm excited - yes lets definitely meet up soon. Are you ready for the big run on sunday??

  2. Not really ready, eek, ram 9.5 on sun, need to somehow muster up some energy to run a futher 4 on that! Are you going to come watch? Yes def meet soon, i'll email you :) x x x. Ps I love the bird stamps too, are these prints going to be in rostra?

  3. :o how did i miss these cat stamps .. sooo cute! mew! x

  4. This are awesome!! Love the cats!