Tuesday 20 March 2012

show us your dogs

In another slightly hardcore printing marathon I printed dog stamps to keep the cats and birds company, I think they'll be a calming influence as the colours are quite un crazy, just a tiny bit of red...though it has to be said I kind of wanted to stop at this grey/blue stage...

  I can't stop myself from using gold though now I've perfected the mix

 I love the way all the separate layers come together at the end - it (usually) makes the hard work worthwhile!...above and below is the 'before and after' bit - with one layer to go...

woof, ouah-ouah, voff (as dogs say in britain, france and sweden)


  1. in dutch it's 'woef' or 'waf' :D

  2. All these big stamp prints of your are looking goooooood. DOGS! YES!

  3. These are fantastic. I absolutely love all of these, the cats, birds and the dogs. I know SO many dog people that would love this print!