Sunday 8 January 2012

happy new year sale

Oh dear, I'm not off to a good new year in the world of excuse is that it has been a busy start to january as it's Top Drawer at Earls Court next weekend and I've had lots of tweeking to do to the new teatowel designs Ive been working on for New House Textiles...

Royal Tea

jubilee olympic woof

It's been quite a regal few weeks as I've been looking at lots of images of the royals, past and present and watched The Queen on new years eve afternoon - (lots of posh head scarf action) I've a special guest with a few words to say...

more drawings from my Royal Tea tea towel...

and last but by no means least I'm having a small sale type thing in my etsy shop - just enter biscuit 1 at the check out and all uk shoppers will get free shipping until the end of jan - hurrah!!

biscuit 1


  1. love love love the royal tea towel!
    see you fri x x x

  2. Hello Charlotte!
    I visited Top Drawer yesterday and your tea towels at New House Textile stand really stood out for me out of the whole show! They are such happy colours and cute illustrations! Lovely work!
    Hope its okay if I put up an image of your work on my next blog post as part of my inspiration (just thought id let you know because id want to know if someone was putting an image up of mine)
    Sally :)
    p.s feel free to follow me!

  3. hello sally
    good to hear you enjoyed my tea towels...i'm very happy for you to post about them too - thanks for asking first though!

    charlotte x