Wednesday 25 January 2012

carbon paper

I've finally had time to do a bit of drawing for some new prints this week - the carbon paper which seems new and improved - extra carbonny, is really showing up what I've been I tried to take some pictures...and here they are:


  1. these are lovely! where is the carbon paper from as mine from Amazon is rubbish! ha ha! Your work is gorgeous!

  2. Lovely lottie! X x x. Ps thank you for a super dooper fun eve last weekend, I love singstar! X x

  3. do the top two images only show up under UV light or am i being dumb? x

  4. hello - sorry for not replying to these comments sooner...

    Genna - come round any time for singing and possibly pesto, hows your marathon training going??

    Heidihi - hi...I use Stephens carbon paper, it's always been my carbon paper of choice but recently it seems extra carbony, I tend to bulk buy as I'm worried that one day they'll stop making it.

    JM - it's just me holding up carbon paper against my desk light - I'm not that high tec!!