Friday 20 January 2012

Catching up

Another busy week - starting with Top Drawer/Home. I was there on the tuesday and met lots of lovely people, including Donna Wilson - which left me a little bit star struck and with a new bag featuring a ship in a day soon there will be a photo.

The day after I had the job of writing on the walls of a very chic house near Frome, I rushed round with my camera at the end of the day so the photos are a all very blurry - so here's just a couple of shots (to save on eye strain)!

(poor wonky pigeon light)!


  1. I love those mugs! Are you planning on selling them online at all (or perhaps you are already)? I'd love to purchase one or two.

  2. Hi Helen

    they will be available from New House Textiles in a few weeks...I'm designing some new stickers for the non jubilee boxes too!

    lottie x