Monday 13 February 2012

Philately will get you everywhere part1

After what feels like weeks of drawing I finally did some printing at the celebrate I took lots of photos of all the different stages - whoo hoo (that was the plan but my camera battery ran out on saturday afternoon - always the way, sigh)

Anyhoo, it all starts with this stencil - without it all the colour layers would be total guesswork...(I've tried this - not fun, some penguins ended up with very dodgy beaks)

I don't often print such big prints and to start with I was getting very inky hands - would've taken pictures but had my camera to think about.

3 layers...

4 layers - and a vision of blue loveliness making me a bit scared of the bright bits coming soon.


  1. Yay process shots! Is this a giant stamps print? 4 colours down and more to come? Nice! Can't wait to see the finished piece.

  2. I love process - I'm so dull! There are about 11 colours altogether and it's an a-z of the world of stamps - my arms ACHE today - but if there's ever an international "screen printers take on the rest of the world arm wrestle-athon" I'm there.

    Look out for more "glamour of screen printing" shots coming soon too, think it's a project in itself...maybe I could get a book deal...hmmm

    I'm enjoying your dogs and am a bit jealous of your friends hair!