Friday 17 February 2012

philately will get you everywhere part2

so time for more pictures of my large print in with the bright colours added, which was worrying me a bit as the blues and greys were looking so serene...

I think this is about layer 5, but I have to admit to having lost count!

good to see a pigeon back in my work - they used to feature pretty heavily - this prints got it all...pigeons, cats, dogs, hawks, bears (of course) llamas and a name but a few.

the gold layer was pretty tough going, as usual and may explain my arm/shoulder ache (which lasted for DAYS - ow!)

finished! 10 layers, or it could be 11...

and continuing my "the glamour of screenprinting" photos here's the all important pile of rubbish under the screen bed shot.


  1. SO MANY LAYERS. It looks amazing! And the glamour of screenprinting pic? Obviously, I also love that too. Printing = quick food, tape, coffee cups, and garbage. Rinse and repeat, ha.

  2. I think I might have peaked on the number of layers I ever do ever again...and so much rinse and repeat!

    I think there's always a banana skin and empty packet of nuts & raisins on the floor when I print...I think it's time for Deadweight glamour of screen printing shots...