Monday 31 January 2011

february treats (even though january is hanging on in there)

visited the Rostra on Sunday to take a peek at my work up on the walls in frames, looking slightly more glamorous than my usual "prints on the rack" shots...forgot to take my camera to the studio on saturday so you have been spared more of those - this time.

'Something inside so strong, Mr Kong' made it into the window, just there in the corner, I'll have to do a close up sometime it's the perfect valentines gift, I'd say!

'dawn chorus'

'paaaaaaarpp' and the snowglobes

dancing bears in Lottie corner

'Jane hearts Isambard'

I think the frames look great, I do like a bit of float mounting, a big thanks to the Meltone Gallery framers.


  1. Your work looks lovely. I have lamps in the exhibition too. Wish I was local so i could vist! I like your Dawn Chorus!

  2. Thanks Hannah - and I must say your lamps are looking mighty fine in the gallery. The whole exhibition looks really good, really full and a good variety of things.

    charlotte x