Sunday 9 January 2011

Busy in January

Being busy as a bee in January seems wrong - surely I should be following Olivia from Found's advice ( and lounging on the sofa with christmas present books while polishing off tins of shortbread...but no, I've spent a long, but fun weekend at sunny Spike Island printing prints for my little show at the Rostra Gallery in February.

Here's some snapshot snippets:

shake those maracas!

the main man is missing, awaiting extra art supplies...ooh the suspense

early birds - with extra bits to finish chez moi. I've done very low-tech printed versions of the birds and Lovey before now, so I was pleasantly surprised with the screen printed effect.


  1. Hi Charlotte,

    Just found your blog. You do beautiful work, love the letters and the birds! Can't wait to see more :)


  2. thanks Kate - I'll be taking some photos in the gallery soon, so you'll get to see the finished prints

  3. Wonderful! I'll be back again then :)