Sunday 14 April 2013

golf cats

I put in a 10 and a half hour day in the print studio this saturday (surviving on cups of tea and a bag of nuts, sometimes there are biscuits lurking in the studio but sadly not this time). I printed sleepy cats for the Bristol Affordable Art Fair which is coming up on the 26th-28th april. 

Some sheets of black paper have been tucked away under the sofa for ages so I fished them out and printed these gold cats (when typing gold on my phone predictive text says golf first)
 after the gold/golf came a bit of colour...
meeow. By the end of the day I was covered in blobs of shades of grey ink and my arms had a  light dusting of gold/golf powder. Wonder why no one sat next to me on the train home.


  1. oh my! will these be for sale online anywhere? i love the golf/gold cats ;)

  2. They look really great love the neon cat ;)