Friday 15 February 2013

thanks/online crit anyone?

I've started the print and A was the overwhelming choice - which is good as it was sneakily my favourite from the start.

Thanks so very much to everyone who left comments about the Lucky was great to hear so much positive feedback about my work and I really loved the comments about why you liked one or the other's been like having an online crit...though much less scary than the ones at St Martins which occasionally reduced some of us to tears (I miss them though *sigh*). 

I think it would be really useful to develop some kind of online crit thing for those of us working home alone most of the time - anyone up for it?


 I must admit that when I got to this layer I was liking how clean it looked and wondering about option B...

But I did carry on with the next layer and Margo will be picking the winner at some point this weekend and I'll reveal who it is on until then keep your fingers crossed.


  1. Online crit for our works? Sounds great!
    Awesome job!

  2. the prints look fantastic, the bird print you sent me has pride of place on our studio wall :) an online crit sounds great, sign me up! x

  3. Interesting idea of online crit. Would like to get involved.

  4. Hello everyone that left a comment about the online crit idea. I don't know exactly how it would work - maybe post something you want to discuss on your blog/similar, maybe tweet if poss so the others know it's out there and then give us a week to post our critiques?????

    any thoughts?

    1. sounds good, could also set up a group board on pinterest? that way it'll keep them all together :)

  5. Harriet, you're a genius - pinterest - great idea, better than doing it on individual blogs maybe - do we need a name? Any suggestions?

    Mine is "I like it it's nice" that was our phrase for CSM crits!