Thursday 24 January 2013

Hidden Charms

the beginning of January was jam packed with commissions and tight deadlines, now they're all out of the way I feel a bit weird but I'm trying to get on with my own work. So I've started drawings for a print of Lucky Charms - which I think is essential for 2013...TWENTY THIRTEEN - sooooo if anyone can recommend their favourite lucky charms I'd be extremely far I've got black cats (I always think they're lucky because cats are great but some people think they're unlucky, hmmmmm, tough - how could these two crossing your path not be lucky?) 

then there is a lucky penny, horse shoes (one lucky horse wearing 4) and there are three keys. I'm also thinking scarab beetle, ladybird, diamond, and err err I've run out  - help.


  1. lovely stuff! how about rabbit's feet?? x

  2. ahhh yes, not sure I can bring myself to chop their feet off - so it maybe a whole bunny with an arrow. Just seen your new stickers on twitter - they're ace! x