Sunday 26 August 2012

hello august - at last

Now I realise I've been utterly neglecting my blog for ages now, but I have been busy...some of the blind fabric I designed for New House Textiles a while back has been printed - these are some colour of them is green (i never go for green so I don't know how this happened - anyway it did NOT get picked)
 last week we had a photoshoot for their new catalogue - these were taken by me very quickly with my phone - so are slightly dodgy

this package arrived from california last week - hopefully I'm going to be working on a fun project with the sender - more on that when it actually happens - this is just a sneaky peek and me not giving away any clues!

and while I have been super busy Margo the kitten is also being very distracting...I thought she was being cute playing with my lovely Christine Berrie camera bag (bought from Magma on an olympic trip to London)....anyway it turned out that she was actually chewing my headphone wires in two-ahhhhhh! 

(She is doing her sneaky chewing next to an envelope containing my 'cat's out of the bag' bag, which is now on it's way to japan - whoo!)

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