Wednesday 21 September 2011

bears, bulls and a snippet of superheros

It's been hectic in Lottie world since Top Drawer. I went to London again at the weekend and saw an interesting show at the V&A called The Power of Making, which included a giant ape made of wire coat hangers and a walk-in wooden robot. Nice! Also went to the National Portrait Gallery and drank lots of good coffee in various east london venues.

then I had a couple of 11 hour printathons, which involved getting ink all over my flip flop, not surprising considering this...

I had to finish off editions off editions of 'A little grrrizzly' and the 'No bulls were harmed in the making of this print olé!' print...

I also did a new 10 colour print especially for the Battersea Affordable Art Fair, I'm going to show snippets every now and then until the show...

I'm thinking of giving away a couple of free tickets too if any one is interested...are you?


  1. Why certainly! I have been meaning to contact you about a quote anyway. Where's best to contact you about such things? Erica

  2. Hi Erica - thats great, send me and email to and we'll sort it out that way.

    charlotte x

  3. Just stunning, good luck at the fair x