Sunday 24 July 2011

Bob, John, cats and Yoko

Ahhh, finally a weekend at Spike Print studio - embossing (it's like a gym workout but more satisfying!) printing pop icons and cats while listening to Radio 4...whoever it was on Desert Island Discs chose a Bob song - just as I was gold leafing bits of his guitar!

I've amazingly sold all the cat bags from the first run, so did some more on saturday, he was a tricky beast to print - messy fur! Meeeeeeeeeeeow.

I like to think I made the most of the first sunny saturday in ages - by holding up my embossing at the window!

It's the second edition for John and Yoko, so John is now sporting a jaunty stripey number.

1 comment:

  1. Charlotte i really want a copy of each of these, they are my idols !! how much would you sell them to me for? Great blog by the way. What photo's do you want me to email to you hope your doing well. steph xx