Monday 14 February 2011

sneaky peek 1

I've started printing cards for the Selvedge Spring Fair on the 2nd April - unusually organised of myself I must say, I even snapped up a bargain of the week little suitcase on saturday for display purposes...poor thing needs a bit of attention but I'll post snapshots when it's ready for it's close up!

twig chopping for embossing - (which can't be seen at all on the pictures below)!

small but noisy gold crests - cheeeeeeeeeeep

chirpy chirp chirp - I'd like to think that's enough syllables for every occassion.

Eagle-eyed fololwers of blog de lottie may recognise my cunning adaptation of a former christmas cards, just remember a blue tit is for life not just for christmas (though Pat always says they're not all that christmassy at all really - bless him)

The card making process was fine until it came to using the squeaky guillotine, even the embossing of 20 sheets of paper (which I put through the press twice for extra embossingness)...apologies to anyone who had to sit through squawks and squeaks while I chopped my paper into 100 cards - you know who you are)...


  1. can't wait to see the finished product. my husband has been drawing a bunch of birds lately (a to z) to i'm sure he'll be interested to see too.

  2. hello Tammy

    an A-Z what a great idea, I want to see!
    I'm thinking of a snowglobe a-z.